The Twinkle Twinkle Baby Collection Song and Video

Monday , 19, June 2017 Comments Off on The Twinkle Twinkle Baby Collection Song and Video

For years and years, lullabies have brought comfort and relaxation to babies around the world. Many of the lullabies that have been around for centuries, like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, have done so because they were developed by world-renowned composers. Mozart was actually the composer behind the Twinkle Twinkle Baby Collection songs.

The Research Behind Lullabies

We’ve always known lullabies have helped our young ones fall asleep, however, it wasn’t until recently that there was legitimate research that backed up these beliefs. Today, we understand that the soft sounds and rhythmic nature of lullabies bring peace to infants.

It’s even more impactful when the baby can hear their parents singing to them. It gives them a sense of security and calmness, much like holding them can bring to them.

The soothing sounds from the nighttime nursery rhymes help drowned out environmental noises. If the baby is in silence, any sudden tick or bank can startle them. If you have ever raised a baby, you know this can quickly turn into a lot of crying.

Instead, singing soft rhythmic melodies will help drowned out a lot of this background noise, helping them rest easy and fall asleep more quickly.

Start Building a List of Your Child’s Favourite Lullabies

There are a lot of great lullabies that you can sing to your child. We recommend sticking to your child’s favorites. To find out what those are, start singing a new one each night. Pay attention to how they respond to each one and narrow them down to a few of their favorites.

It’s good to have a limited amount of lullabies that you sing to your child. This will help them become more familiar with the songs as you sing to them with each passing night. You can watch more videos in the Mum Mum TV kids songs collection by subscribing to their channel.