The Three Little Fishes – Lessons That Are Passed down the Generations

Friday , 28, July 2017 Comments Off on The Three Little Fishes – Lessons That Are Passed down the Generations

Whether we are talking about a story like “Humpty Dumpty”, which is been around for centuries, or something more recent like “The Three Little Fishes”, the lessons that are taught in these nursery rhymes remain the same. Some remain unchanged in the story, while others carry on the lesson packaged in a different version.

New Nursery Rhymes That Tell Old Tales

We see examples of lessons being re-purposed and delivered in new packages all the time. If you want to see for yourself, simply turn on any Saturday morning cartoon channel. You will see a lot of the same lessons that you learned when you were a child being taught to your children through these new shows.

The reason we see this is because the lessons are so effective. The delivery mechanics are effective because they capture the attention of your child. Once the child is watching, the lessons can be delivered to them, whether they are knowingly learning it or not.

Why Short Stories, Poems, and Songs Are So Effective

When you watch these early-morning cartoons that are designed specifically for toddlers and young children, you will notice that there is a lot of rhyming, short stories, and singing. This is done on purpose.

Children have short attention spans. This is why this format that you see on TV is so prevalent. It’s effective, and it has been working for centuries. The only difference from today and years past is that we have technology that allows us to provide visuals along with the singing and storytelling for the children, instead of being limited to reading out loud only.

The end result of this is a simple format that allows us to retell these important lessons that guide the developing minds of our children as they grow into young teenagers.

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