American Nursery Rhymes for Children: The Yankee Doodle Song and More

Wednesday , 12, July 2017 Comments Off on American Nursery Rhymes for Children: The Yankee Doodle Song and More

If you turn on your TV and tune to any children’s programming, they all have one thing in common – music and dance.

For a growing child, nothing captivates their attention more than fun rhyming songs and visuals of characters dancing. It gets an involved and encourages them to sing and dance along with the song.

There is a reason why we see song and dance so often in children’s programming. That reason is because it works.
TV isn’t the only place that you will find this either. For centuries, American families have been using nursery rhymes to sing to their children. Songs like the Yankee Doodle song, and the Mother Goose collection of poems and Nursery rhymes have been a part of the American culture dating back to the 1700s.

Childhood Development

Nursery rhymes are an excellent tool for developing children to learn from and sing along with. Pairing the lyrics with video and animation helps clue the child in on what line is coming next so they can get all the words right more easily.

Rhyming gives children easy points that they can use to help them memorize the rest of the lyrics. The rhyming in these songs has been shown to help improve the way children develop their memory at an early age. The previous rhyme gives them an easy reference to drawback on in time for the next rhyme to appear.

Fun with Rhyming

You can work with your child on this yourself. Sing along with them as the video goes on. Emphasize the first rhyme and see if they can get the second rhyming word on their own when it comes up.

It’s a very rewarding little game that you can play with your child that they will love. Subscribe to Mum Mum TV