The Three Little Fishes – Lessons That Are Passed down the Generations

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Whether we are talking about a story like “Humpty Dumpty”, which is been around for centuries, or something more recent like “The Three Little Fishes”, the lessons that are taught in these nursery rhymes remain the same. Some remain unchanged in the story, while others carry on the lesson packaged in a different version.

New Nursery Rhymes That Tell Old Tales

We see examples of lessons being re-purposed and delivered in new packages all the time. If you want to see for yourself, simply turn on any Saturday morning cartoon channel. You will see a lot of the same lessons that you learned when you were a child being taught to your children through these new shows.

The reason we see this is because the lessons are so effective. The delivery mechanics are effective because they capture the attention of your child. Once the child is watching, the lessons can be delivered to them, whether they are knowingly learning it or not.

Why Short Stories, Poems, and Songs Are So Effective

When you watch these early-morning cartoons that are designed specifically for toddlers and young children, you will notice that there is a lot of rhyming, short stories, and singing. This is done on purpose.

Children have short attention spans. This is why this format that you see on TV is so prevalent. It’s effective, and it has been working for centuries. The only difference from today and years past is that we have technology that allows us to provide visuals along with the singing and storytelling for the children, instead of being limited to reading out loud only.

The end result of this is a simple format that allows us to retell these important lessons that guide the developing minds of our children as they grow into young teenagers.

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The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round Song for Kids

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We all grew up with nursery rhymes. Some are meant for bedtime, and others are meant to have a fun and exciting time. Some of the most fun songs from our childhood were those that you could sing along with your friends.
These songs are not only meant for fun and games, however. They also act as a tool that can help teach young children the value of the English language.

Learning Through Song

Nursery rhymes are a learning tool that can help get your child interested in the joys of singing and reading at a young age. Showing them that reading and singing along is fun, they will be more likely to carry that positive attitude with them as they grow and begin their education. It’s a great stepping stone to use to prepare them and their developing minds for what’s to come.

Exposing children to nursery rhymes like these at an early age has been shown to increase their creativity and help them develop literacy skills that they can carry with them into elementary school. A video like this, in particular, is especially helpful in developing their creative side.

This is why The Wheels On The Bus song for kids works so well.

Thanks to how the lyrics are written in this song, it gives children a chance to come up with their own verses as the song progresses. Encourage them to examine their surroundings and think up the next verse on the fly.

You can help your toddler along by giving them ideas to suggest until they get the hang of it and are able to come up with topics on their own. With enough practice, they will soon be able to take their fun game to their friends and enjoy a great time singing and laughing away.

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American Nursery Rhymes for Children: The Yankee Doodle Song and More

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If you turn on your TV and tune to any children’s programming, they all have one thing in common – music and dance.

For a growing child, nothing captivates their attention more than fun rhyming songs and visuals of characters dancing. It gets an involved and encourages them to sing and dance along with the song.

There is a reason why we see song and dance so often in children’s programming. That reason is because it works.
TV isn’t the only place that you will find this either. For centuries, American families have been using nursery rhymes to sing to their children. Songs like the Yankee Doodle song, and the Mother Goose collection of poems and Nursery rhymes have been a part of the American culture dating back to the 1700s.

Childhood Development

Nursery rhymes are an excellent tool for developing children to learn from and sing along with. Pairing the lyrics with video and animation helps clue the child in on what line is coming next so they can get all the words right more easily.

Rhyming gives children easy points that they can use to help them memorize the rest of the lyrics. The rhyming in these songs has been shown to help improve the way children develop their memory at an early age. The previous rhyme gives them an easy reference to drawback on in time for the next rhyme to appear.

Fun with Rhyming

You can work with your child on this yourself. Sing along with them as the video goes on. Emphasize the first rhyme and see if they can get the second rhyming word on their own when it comes up.

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Christmas Carols That Are Perfect for Your Holiday Jingle Bells

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Christmas is the best time to get your entire family together. There is no better way to do that than to throw a holiday party, or as some call it, your very own jingle ball.

Throwing a family party is a chance to get both sides of the family, second cousins, and new fiancés all together under one roof and get some good wholesome bonding time in.

It’s a great time to get all of the kids together as well. There is no better memory for everyone than getting all the young ones together and letting them run around the house and play with each other.

It’s a special time that will stick with them as they grow. Throw a good one, and the whole family will be excited for the next one each holiday season.

Getting Your Holiday Party Together

To throw a good family party for the holidays, you need to get two things right: the food, and the entertainment. If you get these two things right, you are sure to throw a jingle ball that everyone will enjoy.

Meal Planning for Your Guests

You can ask your guests to each provide a dish for the party, you can have a caterer, or you can spend the day cooking on your own. The best choice for you will depend on the size of your party and how much you enjoy cooking.

Providing Entertainment for Your Guests

No holiday party is complete without Christmas carols playing in the background. Songs like Jingle Bells and Drummer Boy provide the perfect background ambiance to get everyone in the holiday spirit.

Leading up to the party, get your children used to these Christmas classics like Jingle Bells here

When you pick your music, you want to make sure you are picking themed songs that the whole family, including the little ones, will enjoy. This includes Christmas classics that have been around for decades.

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The Twinkle Twinkle Baby Collection Song and Video

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For years and years, lullabies have brought comfort and relaxation to babies around the world. Many of the lullabies that have been around for centuries, like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, have done so because they were developed by world-renowned composers. Mozart was actually the composer behind the Twinkle Twinkle Baby Collection songs.

The Research Behind Lullabies

We’ve always known lullabies have helped our young ones fall asleep, however, it wasn’t until recently that there was legitimate research that backed up these beliefs. Today, we understand that the soft sounds and rhythmic nature of lullabies bring peace to infants.

It’s even more impactful when the baby can hear their parents singing to them. It gives them a sense of security and calmness, much like holding them can bring to them.

The soothing sounds from the nighttime nursery rhymes help drowned out environmental noises. If the baby is in silence, any sudden tick or bank can startle them. If you have ever raised a baby, you know this can quickly turn into a lot of crying.

Instead, singing soft rhythmic melodies will help drowned out a lot of this background noise, helping them rest easy and fall asleep more quickly.

Start Building a List of Your Child’s Favourite Lullabies

There are a lot of great lullabies that you can sing to your child. We recommend sticking to your child’s favorites. To find out what those are, start singing a new one each night. Pay attention to how they respond to each one and narrow them down to a few of their favorites.

It’s good to have a limited amount of lullabies that you sing to your child. This will help them become more familiar with the songs as you sing to them with each passing night. You can watch more videos in the Mum Mum TV kids songs collection by subscribing to their channel.

Things to Keep in Mind When Starting an Ecommerce Business

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While starting an E-commerce business may make a lot of sense for offline businesses, they must get a few things right in order to make it successful. Given that an offline retailer may not have any experience with selling online, educating themselves about it may help them avoid a lot of trouble down the road.

Kartikeya Sharma India News an entrepreneur that also seems to have interviewed many online entrepreneurs has a bit of an advice for you.

Keep it simple

Many new E-commerce business owners, for some reason, think it would be a nice idea to make their E-commerce site very fancy with lots of bells and whistles. Well, if the statistics are anything to go by, the simple ones seem to perform much better than the ones that look very fancy.

This is because the fancy ones often have a lot of clutter, and it can be distracting for potential customers. On the other hand, sticking to a simple theme for your Ecommerce site may help your customers focus their attention on your products which may drive up the conversions.

Get rid of broken elements

Broken links or other similar issues on your E-commerce site can be a big turn-off for potential customers that land on your site. So it can be very important to check every single link on your site and make sure it’s working fine, as well as trying to get rid of any other similar issue.

Be careful with the shipping time

In a bid to woo potential customers, E-commerce businesses often tend to offer the fastest shipping time they can make possible. However, uncertainties arise and things get in the way of delivering on those shipping promises, which results in a disappointing customer experience.

An ideal approach to this would be to offer a longer shipping time and deliver early. This would surprise the customers and they would be more likely to come back to you.

India’s Most Inspiring Businessman Success Stories

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There’s no universal method to determine if someone will end up being successful. But every so often, there’s a tale out there about someone that managed to find success either by luck, sheer will, or hard work. Here are some stories of Indian Businessman that found great success.

Ardeshir Godrej

Ardeshir Godrej went into multiple different avenues trying to find success. He worked as a lawyer, a chemist, and a medical equipment manufacturer. But he found no success in any field. One day, while reading the newspaper, Godrej stumbled on a story about rising theft in Bombay. He immediately began to use his expertise to manufacture locks for doors and found great success in the business leading Godrej industries to where it is today.

Verghese Kurien

Verghese Kurien started out by getting a degree in mechanical engineering. He had plans to join the Army but was convinced by this mother to instead join the Tata Steel Technical Institute. Verghese Kurien felt a lack of purpose at Tata Steel and applied for a government scholarship for dairy engineering. The discipline was new at the time and practically irrelevant in the eyes of businessmen. But Verghese pursued it with passion and ending up launching India’s dairy industry to new heights being crowned the “Father of the White Revolution”.

Anand Mishra

Anand Mishra CEO of Star Infranet started his professional life as a humble software programmer. At a time when the tech industry was about to take off, he managed to found his own company and began to be known as Anand Mishra CEO Star Infranet. He offered services like digital marketing, web design and development, e-commerce, Cloud, and domain registration. Today he serves more than 4,000 dealers across India with exclusive clientele like NewsX, India News, and The Sunday Guardian.

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